Arvixe Review

arvixe review

           This Arvixe Review  is a review for the unlimited hosting from Arvixe (Personal Class and Business Class). Here I will review Arvixe in terms of the features, price, customer / technical support, uptime and server specifications.

             Arvixe is web hosting company that has been established since 2003 in San Luis Obispo, California. Arvixe has now grown rapidly and has now been used by hundreds of thousands of websites from various countries around the world. Arvixe received awards from Inc. 500 as the company’s fastest growing private sector ranked #157 in the United States in 2012 and fastest growing company ranked #10 in the IT field that is the fastest growing hosting company in the Inc500. Arvixe provides a variety of hosting packages not only at an affordable price, but also good quality and comprehensive features. Below is a Arvixe review based on my experience.

 arvixe review shared hosting

Feature (10/10)

Cpanel + Softaculous RVSiteBuilder + + R1SoftBackup

       Arvixe provides a full range of features that make it as cheap hosting with comprehensive features. Based on my search so far, in my opinion, Arvixe unlimited hosting is most popular hosting with the most complete feature. Arvixe uses  cPanel control panel which is very popularly used in the world. By using Cpanel, you will very easily manage your website.  Softaculous is provided free of charge to you so that you can easily install hundreds of popular scripts / applications including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, OSCommerce and hundreds of other scripts automatically. If you need a Site Builder you can use the RVSiteBuilder RVSiteBuilder is also provided to you  at no extra charge. Arvixe review in terms of features indicates that Arvixe is the best choice for you.

Cloudflare + Railgun Web Optimization (Free! Worth $ 200)

     Performance and security of your website will also increase because you can use CloudFlare for Free. Cloudflare will automatically optimize the performance of your website so that it can be accessed quickly from anywhere. Cloudflare Railgun (worth $ 200) that is usually available in the Cloudflare Business package can be obtained free of charge if you use Arvixe. This will make sure that the connection with the Arvixe server cloudflare network as quickly as possible. The average performance of the website increased by 140 % with this feature.

Get special price  $ 2.8 from Arvixe here Forever!

Everything you need! + Select the version of PHP and PHP variables for each folder.

        Arvixe provides almost any technology required for application or script that required by your website. For the database, you can prefer to use MySQL or PostgreSQL according to the needs of your website / your application. For the programming language you can use PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails. Various other things are also provided by Arvixe, Zend Optimizer, ionCube PHP Loader and shell access. Arvixe uses 1H on the server, you can select the version of PHP and PHP variables for each folder. All things needed for any application / script that you will use powered by Arvixe. In fact, if you need ASP. Net hosting, you can choose the package Personal Class ASP.

Unlimited! + Free Domain forever!

     Arvixe does not define the limits of space and bandwidth for your website. This means you do not have to worry about running out of bandwidth for your website in normal use. Additionally Arvixe gives you a FREE Domain forever! No charge! Also, you can use it for a lot of your website even up to Unlimited websites / domains in 1 account. No need to buy anymore!

Price (10/10)

         Arvixe only charges a fee of $ 4 /month for the price of 6 websites or $ 7 for unlimited websites. The price is cheap for all the features offered by Arvixe as above. Not many hosting at this price gives the complete features as given by  Arvixe. Arvixe review of the price gives a value of 10 out of 10 because the price is affordable and features are given. Arvixe review in terms of price indicates that Arvixe is cheap hosting with the best features

$ 2.8 Lifetime Unlimited Space and Bandwidth

Reliability (9.5 / 10)

       Arvixe provides guaranteed uptime of 99.9 %. Arvixe even offer a refund guarantee  for the cost of the month if the uptime is less than that.

Support (9.3 / 10)

         Arvixe provides support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So that when you need help or have problems with your website, they will always be ready to help you. You can contact them via Live Chat, Email and even telephone. If you need the help of the community, Arvixe is providing a forum (Discussion Board) for you to ask or discuss with other Arvixe or consumers. In terms of support, Arvixe provides good support and are always ready to help you.

Conclusion (9.7/10)

       Arvixe is recommended for your website because of the affordable price and offer a full range of features, good quality coupled with a free domain name worth about $ 10 for Free! From this Arvixe Review, we can conclude that Arvixe is the best  cheap unlimited hosting  and most recommended by because we also use Arvixe of this website

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