8 reasons to choose Arvixe + Coupon 30% OFF Lifetime

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        Arvixe provides hosting at a cheap price and trustworthy quality. Apparently, there are many other reasons why Arvixe should be chosen by you as  hosting for your website. Here we will summarize the things what are the advantages using Arvixe compared to other hosting. This is also the reason we use Arvixe for our website (HostingReview123.com)

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1. Free! Cloudflare Railgun (Worth $200*) 

          If you are using Arvixe you can use feature Cloudflare Riailgun. Railgun ensure that the connection between the hosting server and the cloudflare server as quickly as possible. This feature is usually available only for cloudflare business subscribers and charged $ 200 per site for it. If you are using Arvixe, you simply click away to use this feature for free. To activate the Railgun from CPanel, please choose Cloudflare menu and select “Statistics and Settings” on one website. Then at the bottom make sure the “ON” at the Railgun (See picture). Note: If there is no menu in the control panel,  please contact Arvixe to ask activated.

* $ 200 is the price Cloudflare Business in which this feature is available.

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2. Free Domain! (Worth $10)

With a price of only $ 4/month for you already get unlimited hosting plus  Free domain for life. Some others just give the hosting for the first year alone, but Arvixe give to you forever for!

3. Free R1Soft Backup!

        Arvixe uses R1Soft Backup and Recovery so your data is more secure if for some reason you lost the file hosting. You can choose a recovery point from a few snapshots taken from different times.

4. Powerful server!

       According to information provided by Arvixe, following is the latest specification of the server used by Arvixe for Shared Hosting (Personal Class and Personal Class Pro).

Dual Quad Intel (R) Xeon (R) CPU [email protected] (12 Cores Total) (Linux & Windows)

96GB of RAM on Linux and 196g on ​​the ASP (ASPs are Windows servers)

Hard Drive RAID 10 configuration (Best Performance & Redundancy) with SSD drives.

With specs like these Arvixe servers makes your website get good performance.

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5. Select the version of PHP and PHP variables for each folder.

        Through PHP version manager  in CPanel PHP variables, we can easily select the version of PHP and PHP variable for each folder. So if you need a different PHP versions for each website you then you just set it here. For the moment there are 7 versions of PHP are supported, namely: PHP 4:49, 5.0.5, 5.1.6, 5.2.17, 5.2.17 with Suhosin patch, 5.3.27 and 4.5.17. To set the PHP variable, you just type in php variable what you want to change and type “Add” and change the value as needed.

6.  Arvixe uses 1H in their server
With 1h software, we can see the CPU, Memory and I / O usage statistics through our control panel.

7. Everything you need!  

       Whatever your website needs, Arvixe gives it. This is perhaps a suitable word for Arvixe. Start of Auto Installer for hundreds of applications to a variety of programming languages ​​(PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails) and databases (MySQL and PostgreSQL) to your website supported Arvixe. If you need an ASP web hosting at Arvixe is also available at a price that is not much different.

8. Cheap price but still powerful!

        Arvixe price only $ 4 for 6 websites (not 1 website) or $ 7 for unlimited websites. Fortunately, we have found the biggest discounts so that you can get it at a cost of only $ 2.8 / month during the lifetime of your account is still active you are still getting this discount. Get 30% discount here Lifetime (1 year and above) or 20% Lifetime here (monthly or 6 monthly). If you still only have 6 websites or less, you simply pay $ 2.8 / month and upgrade anytime if you want. Pay per month remains cheap and if you want to change the payment period to be 6, 12 or 24 months living Arvixe contacted via email and get extra discounts. In some other hosting you get a high price if you want to pay on a monthly basis.

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